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How to achieve renovation success

A successful renovation requires a well thought-out process with defined stages, and a helpful, knowledgeable building company.

Here are the stages we follow to help our clients achieve renovation success:


  1. Briefing – plan a scope of works based on exactly what you want to achieve from your renovation and the budget. The most successful renovations we have seen have involved clients that have gone through room by room, and throughout the whole house, and listed exactly what they have wanted to change, and how they would like it to look.
  2. Concept – communicate your vision to a recommended designer to produce for you concept plans that are achievable in your budget. Aspects of your vision, that you cannot afford or that you would like to extend, will be seen at this stage and you can make compromises.
  3. Working drawings – once working drawings are finalised and submitted to Council, your building company can provide you with a estimate and action plan, so you know exactly what you are in for. It is here that you can make last minute changes to keep within your budget, or go that little bit further to achieving your dream home.
  4. Estimate and Action Plan – your building company will prepare for you a detailed estimate and action plan that outlines your costings, and any contingency sums that may be needed for unexpected and a project timeline for your build.
  5. Construction – sit back and let the experts manage and carry-out your build. But do keep involved as much as you want to, this may singularly be the biggest investment of your life!


To find out more about how Renovate Me can help you achieve renovation success, contact us on 03 545 1302 and we can talk you through the process in person.


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