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Local, Independent Renovation Specialists

Renovate Me are experts in residential construction. If your project is not a renovation rest assured, we can handle all residential new house builds. Our team of industry specialists can provide the best advice on all customised builds from renovations to architectural new builds.

Seymour Avenue – heritage home extension

Why Choose Us?

We complete projects ON TIME.

Completion dates are worked out before the job begins.  Our tailored project management systems, and full-time onsite project managers, mean our jobs run smoothly and efficiently.  Our subcontractors turn up on time, purchases arrive when they are meant to, and all work is properly planned for a timely completion.

We complete projects ON BUDGET.

Our estimating process mean you will not experience costly over-runs. We provide you with a competitive estimate that you can then choose to complete on a fixed price contract, or cost plus margin contract, depending on the circumstances. All extras and variations are processed separately after consultation with you, in a fully transparent basis.  We also ensure that during the design phase your expectations are met by designing a project that fits your budget.

We produce QUALITY WORK.

We use a 297 point quality assurance checklist to ensure each building project it completed to our high standards of workmanship. To further guarantee this quality, we have ample referrals from previous clients as to the quality work they have received from us.

Our COMMUNICATION is constant and reliable.

At the start of your job you will be assigned a full time site foreman and project manager so you always have a point of contact. Clients are kept up to date regularly to ensure you are included on every step of your building project.

Our EXPERIENCE means you can rest easy.

Our team of builders have DECADES of building experience behind them, and are all Licensed Building Practitioners. We are also members of Certified Builders. We have chosen to be renovation experts because the process of renovating your home is very different to building new, and our systems and processes are custom designed to suit the renovation industry.

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