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High quality and attention to detail is paramount to us. Here’s our onsite team who make this happen.

  • Andy Hume (Site Foreman)
  • Ash Maxwell (Apprentice)
  • Ben Gully (Builder)
  • Cam Neynens (Builder)
  • David Arbelaez Barrero (Builder)
  • Duane Valentine (Site Foreman)
  • Dylan Boffa-Martin (Builder)
  • Joe Thornton (Apprentice)
  • Nick Hope (Builder)
  • Tom Dunn (Apprentice)
  • Dane Edwards (Site Foreman)
  • Guy Gilbertson (Builder)
  • Hugh Frettingham (Site Foreman)
  • Nicholas Mintern (Labourer)
  • James Laird (Owner and Operations Manager)
  • Louise Laird (Owner and Office Manager)

Sound like a team you want to work with? Then enquire now!

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