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I truly can’t recommend RenovateMe highly enough. My project was a 1978 owner-built pole house with a lot of hidden surprises. Construction began in early 2018, I moved back in just before Christmas 2018 and construction was completed in July 2019.

My architect was David Wallace at Arthouse, and RenovateMe worked closely with him to insure that drawings were revised as needed during the build. Andy Hume was the Site Supervisor and he was excellent at his job. James Laird visited the site often and was always a phone call away and on top of all of the changes that occurred due to pre-existing poorly poured concrete slabs, lots of asbestos and a pole wicking water from an underground spring. They were all expensive fixes but had to be dealt with and were done so professionally and without drama.

It was a difficult job because of the steeply pitched slope of the property, several retaining walls that needed to be built and soil that was dense with clay. The house was up on stilts for much of the time that the retaining walls were constructed. Although some of the guys building the house got pretty sick of it by the end, everyone was professional and consistent, helpful and most finished with the same ‘can do’ attitude shown throughout.

When we finished the project part of me wished we could start another project right away. I gather that’s not the way people generally feel at the end of a huge renovation. I chalk that up to James and Louise Laird and the team they’ve built at RenovateMe. If I ever move from my dream home and have to renovate another property I wouldn’t even get a bid from anyone else. I trust them that much and am grateful everyday to have turned a cold and dated pole house into my dream home and much loved yoga studio.

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