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Renovations are always a challenge, and re-making our multi-storied 100 year old home was certainly no exception.

Throughout the project RenovateMe was faced with a myriad of unforeseen challenges, but they had the team and the talent to achieve a fantastic result. We will definitely recommend them to people seeking high-quality, professional workmanship.

James, Louise and the RenovateMe team provided the complete package. We set up a regular program at the start of the project which made the financial side of things very easy to monitor. RenovateMe were responsive and helpful throughout the whole of the process, and had the tools and the trade skills to sort out complicated issues as they arose.

Also importantly, at least in our view, was the personality of their staff. During the project we interacted on almost a daily basis. We can’t speak highly enough about their thoughtfulness and professional nature. They were a total pleasure, and we think the final results speak themselves.

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