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Building a new house? Choose Build Me

Do you want a home that is different to the rest, and built with style, comfort and an element of quality? Is service important?

With the same quality and standards as Renovate Me, Build Me will deliver a seamless and enjoyable building experience.

We work alongside you and your designer or architect to ensure you achieve the look you desire within your budget, and help you decide on the right materials for optimum performance and aesthetic appeal.

We understand it’s your home that is in our hands

Build Me offers experienced project management to oversee the entire process, from designing your house plans, to preparing for the project and finally constructing your home!

Our experienced team will give you expert advice and support throughout. We coordinate the workflow and budget with the build team and subcontractors, while maintaining an onsite presence to ensure a seamless process and the best possible results.

Fixed price contract so you know what you are paying for

Any adjustments you require along the way are discussed with you first and priced separately for transparency and peace of mind.

We will quantity survey from the plans to reach an accurate costing for each element of the build, and help you choose wisely on fixtures and fittings to save money without compromising on the quality or finish of your home.


Call us today to discuss building your new home

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